Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Fly high with a real degree!

The objective of buying a real degree is to empower yourself with a superb grounding so that you can be applicable for a good job in today's economy. You can effectively and efficiently be in the pursuit of organisational goals.

Which can eventually lead to your professional development of a career in business and management.

Don't wait! Be part of the degree-holders so that you do not lose out!
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Monday, November 30, 2009

What is this buying degree about?

First of all, we all want a degree so that we can get THAT JOB that we always wanted. Then there's the BETTER money with that new job.

Sometimes you have to give up applying for a particular job or got rejected because you do not have a degree!

That is not fair, especially when you have the experience for the job!

So where do you go now? You come to us. Where we can help you get a degree to secure that dream job.

Questions that you might have for us.

What are you offering actually?
We offer bachelor's degree,master's degree,DBA & PhD certifications from numbers of reputable universities that we have on our list. The universities do exist; have full accreditation, from English speaking countries and the universities are reputable universities. You can pick any courses of your choice and any year of your choice.

What makes you different from the others online degree?
We only provide degree certification from a few reputable and accredited Universities. In simple terms, these universities do exist, accredited, have real campus and do offer degree. We do not offer diploma or degree mill.(real life experience degree)

What is Diploma Mill?

First of all, we are NOT a diploma mill. To sell an online or life experience degree is easy. You just create a University name, print good quality paper and then create a bogus accreditation body and make big claim the degree sold is accredited. They will then justify the degree by claiming buyers life experience can be exchanged with their degree. That is just nonsense and cheating your hard-earned money.

Why are you able to produce degrees from these few reputable Universities?
This is our trade secret. We’ll give you one clue. These numbers of Universities have partners throughout the world that run their courses. We have good sources at that level. Get some idea?
In our opinion, purchasing an online degree is as bad as making a copy of genuine degree and put your name on it. The degrees sold online are well known in the market, not accredited by standard accreditation body and these universities do not exist!

What is accreditation? Why is it necessary to have an accredited degree?
Accreditation is a term generally used to indicate that an institution has met a set of standards promulgated by a governing board or society. Following are the major benefits a student/working adult receives from an accredited university:
• An assurance that the degrees it awards will provide the benefits that are associated with high-quality educational standards.
• An assurance that the institution is globally recognized and meets certain quality educational standards.
• Having a degree from an accredited educational institution ensures that your educational documents will have a global recognition and acceptance.

Why are your price slightly higher than those offered online?
If we just send your degree for printing at any local printer, create new university that don’t even have physical existence and sell it online, then YES. We can offer you at a very competitive price. Fortunately (for you), we are not. We are selling real degree from reputable universities and we have lots of parties that need to be taken care off in order for us to get you the degree of your choice.

I can guarantee that you won’t be able to find such products in the market. If you happen to find any, let us know.

What does my total package contain?
When you order your degree package from us, you get a set of free documents along with your degree and transcript. Following are the total contents of your degree package:

• 1 Original Accredited Degree certificate (embossed with the University badge)
• 1 Original Transcripts (embossed with the University badge)
• 1 Set of every year examination results
• 1 Offer Letter to the University
• 1 Congratulation Letter upon graduation
• 1 Certification/Completion Letter
• 1 Hard cover folder

Will you use words like “online or life experience” on the degrees and certificates in the package?
Obviously not. First we are NOT offering online of life experience kind of degree. Your degree would be just like any traditional degree.

Can I specify the year of graduation on my degree?
Yes. We will grant you a degree in your preferred year.

How do I pay for the degree package I want to order?
You can pay us through our secured on-line ordering page. We accept Western Union and Money Gram

What’s the ordering process?

1. Send us email - stating your name, age and country of your origin and the degree of your choice.

2. We will reply your email with a few questions and the payment details

3. You write to us back the answer. If you are interested send us 40 percent of the initial deposit payment via Western Union or Money Gram.

Free Delivery via FedEx

We will have the degree ready for you, and have it emailed in JPEG (picture) format. You can check the spelling and check thoroughly the scanned picture.

If you are fully satisfied, send us the remaining 60 percent and we will have it delivered to your doorstep by FedEx.(We will provide the FedEx Tracking Number)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Do you want to be a degree holder?


You have found your way to buy your way to a top!

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